The Money Rug

The Money Rug

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Express Your Inner Riches

When you've got money on your mind, why not decorate your home to look like so? Our 100 Dollar Bill printed rugs are not only fashionable, but also durable and anti-slip - just right for the household!

  • Eye Popping. The rugs have taken on the appearance of a hundred dollar bill that makes charming decorative pieces.
  • Premium. Super soft velvet material
  • Stays In Place. Anti-slip silicone bottom grips



22" x 53"/

56 x 135 cm 


Super soft velvet

Anti-slip silicone bottom

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Who knew that money would be such a comfortable thing to walk on? Apparently you did. So go ahead and get our MONEY RUG!

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Coolest Rug You Will Ever Walk On

The official website of The Money Rug... Welcome to a very special website supplying the world with hundreds of thousands of rugs that look like the Hundred Dollar Bill.


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With 53 Inches of Luxury, this rug is suitable for offices, bedsides, bathrooms, living rooms, and more! From past reviews we hear furry friends enjoy the money rug as well.